2024 Race Season Updates

May 14, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

So, we're already one race into the 2024 Eastern States Cup race season and I thought I'd share some updates with everyone.

1: We're still here!

My idea to sell photos to moose was not as successful as I'd hoped (and may have been an April Fool's Joke) so Cynthia and I will still be at the races taking your pictures. I'm trying to keep on top of a list of races I'll be at but you can always just ask. Speaking of Cynthia, she's still building out her social media presence but if you post one of her photos, she'd love a tag. Usually I'll try and put her name or initials in the filename so if you see "cl" or "cyn" or "cynthia" in the name of your photo, it's because she snapped it. 

2: Crash Photos

You've already paid for that crash photo with your body, so you can download it off my website for free. 

3: All kinds of new looks

In previous seasons, I've tended to crop all the photos for Instagram before posting them, that way they're ready to go if that's your platform of choice (and then you don't mess up my photo with some funky crop/zoom attempt). Cropping everything to square or 4x5 really limits what I can fit in the picture though, and I'm seeing more and more people posting seamless carousels, or on other platforms, or ordering a poster. So this season you'll see some landscape or cinematic crops in your race photos. I still want them to look the best when you post though, so if you need the photo you've purchased cropped to fit a specific idea or ratio, just let me know and I'll get it done and send it back to you. Also, if you're a regular customer and need specific images for your platform (stories, IG, Facebook cover photo, MySpace page, PoF profile, etc) let me know before the race and I'll make sure I include that in your gallery.

If you like the look of an Instagram seamless carousel for your personal or team recap post but struggle to get it right, that's something that I can get done for you. Pricing would depend on how involved your vision is but the idea is to make your content look as professional as possible. We can even mock it up before the race so the photos can be dropped in afterwards and you can post as soon as possible. 

I've added a new option on Roots & Rain for extra editing to make your photos look like they were shot on film. I can emulate a variety of film stocks, from modern to vintage so if you're going for a certain look with your images just let me know. You can find out more and look at a few examples in my post here

Speaking of film, I'll also be shooting on actual film at races. Those photos will also be available but generally not for a week or two after each race since the film rolls have to be dropped off at the lab, developed, scanned, and printed. For those wondering, each roll of film costs around $15 and runs about $26 a roll to have developed. 

4: Film Collaborations

On the topic of film, I'd love to introduce some new people (or re-introduce old people!) to the film experience. So if you're a member of the ESC community with creative ideas that you'd like to see on film, let me know and I'll load up a camera and loan it to you for the weekend. After the race I'll get the film developed, share the scans with you, and we can work together on a social media post that highlights your vision. You can photograph your team, the staff, the venue, the fans, the squids, whatever you want!

5: New Products

Lastly (for now), I've added a couple of new physical products to my Roots & Rain order options. If you've always wanted a vinyl or paper poster, you can now get that shot printed nice and big. Pro tip: you can order these for cheaper, and in a bunch of other options, directly from my website. If you have any questions about this, or need any help ordering, just let me know. 





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