Dedicated Team & Group Coverage at ESC Races

June 09, 2023

As a DH or Enduro racer, you're pushing yourself to the edge to get the best results you can at a race weekend, and you deserve photos and videos that reflect that. If you're interested in top-notch, pro-level content, let's work together to get you what you need. 

Starting with the Eastern States Cup race at Jiminy Peak on July 17-18th, I'll be offering the capability to book my services for dedicated coverage of teams, groups, or individuals. During your shoot, I'll be focused on you, and making the quality content you want. We can focus on the race course, or head over to the jump line, pump track, wherever you want - it's your call! Some options are:


  • Traditional action shots
  • Wide-angle
  • Pan shots
  • Headshots
  • Behind-the-scenes (trackwalk, pits, etc)


  • Action clips
  • Slow-motion
  • Interviews
  • Candid
  • Behind-the-scenes


For teams, I'll cover the whole team at the direction of the manager, coach, or media coordinator. For groups, I'll cover up to five riders as part of one booking. Everyone participating gets access to all of the content produced, and it can be used for rider social media and team pages or websites. 

If you want to produce content for sponsors to use on their social media, you can either book the entire package that way or license individual clips or photos after the fact for an additional fee. 

I'm looking forward to making the best content possible by focusing on you and your specific goals. You're going to receive even better content than you normally would, at a price per rider that's comparable or better than what you're already spending for photos and videos. If you're interested, use the "book a session" button on this page and let's set it up!